10 Mar 2023

Brand Lift Survey: How to Measure Your Advertising Effectiveness

As a marketer, you understand how important it is to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. One tool that can help with this is a brand lift survey. In this guide, we'll explore what a brand lift survey is, how it works, and how it can benefit your long-term marketing strategy and improve the ROI of your ad dollars. 

What are Brand Lift Surveys? 

Brand Lift Surveys are a form of market research that measure the impact of advertising on brand perception and awareness. They are designed to determine whether or not an ad campaign has positively influenced a viewer's opinion of a brand, leading to increased consideration or preference towards the brand. This type of study can provide valuable insights into how effective your marketing campaigns are at achieving your desired outcomes. By using surveys and other quantitative methods, you can measure how your ads have impacted metrics such as ad recall, message association, purchase intent, and overall brand favorability. 

How do Brand Lift Surveys Work? 

Brand Lift Surveys use scientific randomized controlled trials (RCT) methods to evaluate the impact of advertising on brand perception and awareness. These studies are typically conducted through surveys or experiments, where participants are divided into two groups – those who have been exposed to the advertisement and those who haven't. The groups are then evaluated to determine whether there is a significant difference in their attitudes towards the brand. This type of research can help you determine which ads are working, and which ones need improvement. It's important to note that Brand Lift Surveys require expertise in survey design, experimental design, statistical analysis, and data interpretation. 

Choosing the Right Metrics to Measure. 

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your advertising, choosing the right metrics is important for accurate results. Brand Lift Surveys typically measure a range of metrics, including brand awareness, ad recall, message association, brand preference and purchase intent. It's important to select the right combination of metrics that align with your specific goals and objectives. For example, if you're launching a new product and want to increase awareness, then you might prioritize metrics like ad recall and brand awareness. However, if you're trying to increase sales conversions or customer loyalty, then metrics like purchase intent and brand preference might be more valuable to measure. Ultimately, selecting the right metrics depends on your unique business needs and advertising goals. 


How to Conduct a Brand Lift Survey

Conducting a brand lift study helps you measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and make data-driven decisions for your marketing strategy. Not sure how to conduct a Brand lift study? Check out our step-by-step guide below. 

  1. Set the objectives of the survey: Set the objectives of the survey: Before starting your brand lift survey, it's vital to identify the goals of the research. For example, the goal could be to measure the increase in brand awareness, purchase intent, ad recall or brand favorability 
  2. Identify the target audience: Your brand lift survey's success depends on selecting the right audience for the research. To get the most effective and accurate results, the target audience should match the target audience for the planned advertising campaign. 
  3. Create a control group: In order to accurately measure the effects of an advertising campaign, it is important to create a control group. This group should be chosen at random and not receive any exposure to the advertising in question. By comparing the outcomes of this group with those who were exposed to the campaign, marketers can more confidently analyze the true impact of their efforts. 
  4. Choose the metrics to measure: Based on the objectives of the brand lift study, select the metrics to measure. Common metrics include brand awareness, ad recall, purchase intent, and brand favorability. 
  5. Conduct the survey: Administer a survey to both the control group and the test group. The survey should contain questions that measure the selected metrics. The survey can be conducted through various methods, such as online surveys, phone interviews, or in-person interviews. Use survey questions to measure important metrics like ad recall, brand awareness, message association, and purchase intent before and after exposure to your ads. 
  6. Analyze the data: Once the data from the survey has been collected. Begin analysing the results to determine if there was a statistically significant increase in any of the metrics for the exposed group as compared to the control group.  
  7. Draw conclusions: Based on the analysis, you can now draw conclusions on whether the advertising campaign was effective in achieving its goals and improving the brand's performance. It is crucial to consider all relevant data when drawing conclusions, such as changes in sales, customer engagement metrics, and overall brand awareness. 
  8. Report the results: Finally, report the findings of your brand lift survey to the relevant stakeholders, such as the marketing team or senior management. 

By conducting a brand lift survey, you can gain valuable insights into how your advertising is impacting the consumer behaviour and make informed decisions about future ad campaigns. 

Analyzing and Applying the Results of Your Survey 

After completing your brand lift survey, it’s time to analyze and apply the results to improve your advertising campaigns. First, identify any statistically significant increases in important metrics like ad recall, brand awareness or purchase intent among the exposed group compared to the control group. Utilize these findings to optimize your future ads and campaigns. Additionally, identifying areas where your advertising was less effective can help you pivot and make necessary changes for better results. Don’t forget to keep track of these insights and use them as a benchmark for measuring future ad effectiveness. By consistently conducting Brand Lift Surveys, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are driving real results for your business. 

How Can Vodus Help You Conduct a Brand Lift Survey 

By having the largest online survey panel in Malaysia via our Vodus Media Network has a combined sampling frame of 17 million consumers, Vodus is best suited to help you gather the most accurate and representative data to conduct your Brand lift study.  

Vodus can help you measure and improve your ad recall lift with our Advertising Research Solutions. Insights from a brand lift survey can help you measure the impact of your marketing campaign. If your sales figure didn’t turn out as well as you hoped, you can find out where it went wrong and know how you can improve it for your next campaign. 

Contact us through the form below to learn more about how we can help you test your ad's impact by measuring your brand lift, and audience reached by your marketing campaign. 

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