Maximizing your Marketing Campaign Success Rate

Helping you construct an ideal marketing strategy by identifying your target consumers, find out what they are looking for and how to reach them.

What is Target Market Research?

Marketing without research is like driving with a blindfold.

The underlying principle for executing a successful marketing campaign is sending the right message to the right audience.

But who are my target consumers?
What are they looking for?
How do I reach them?

Target Market Research can answer these questions using facts and data instead of assumptions and instincts.

With these insights, marketers can maximize their marketing campagin's success rate and return of investment.

Insights gained from Target Market Research


Identify your low hanging fruits

Profile your consumers and segmentize them according to difficulty in converting them into your customers.


Consumer usage and attitude

Find out what consumers are looking for, what they think of your product and what matters most to them.


Competitor analysis

Map out your competitor’s brand share, identify your main competitors and find out what they did to make their consumers buy their products.


Go-to-market strategy

Devise an optimal marketing and branding strategy by determining your optimal marketing channel and message to reach and convert your target consumers.

Helping you grow your business with Vodus Target Market Research

Vodus can help you survey your target consumers from our Vodus Media Network that has a combined sampling reach of 17 million Malaysians.

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