Optimizing your product to ensure market fit

Let your consumers test your product and analyze their feedback. Identify the part of your product that needs to be improved.

What is Product Innovation Research?

New product launches are very expensive.

Before a product launch, it is highly advisable that a product test is conducted to minimize launch failure by ensuring that the product is receptive by the consumers.

The questions that you need to ask before launching a product are…
What do consumers think of my product?
Is it what they are looking for?
How does it compare with my competitor's product?
Would consumers buy my product?
What brand image does my product packaging convey?
What is my product's optimal price?

Product Innovation Research can answer these questions using facts and data instead of assumptions and instincts.

With these insights, product owners can minimize their risk of product launch failure by ensuring a market fit for their product.

Insights gained from Product Innovation Research


Product usage and attitude

Understand how your consumers consume your product and determine the optimum pricing for your product.


Product Packaging Test

Identify the brand image that your product packaging conveys to your consumers.


Consumer product use test

Let consumers test your product and give you feed back to compare them against your competitor. Find out the important attributes that consumers prioritize and purchase intention.


Product improvement

Determine the improvement required for your product to maximize market fit.


Vodus uses Home Use Test (HUT) methodology to conduct product test.
In HUT, participants are recruited from our Vodus Media Network with a combined sampling reach of 17 million Malaysians. Product samples are then mailed to participant’s home for use testing. After testing, they will complete an online survey to input their feedback.

Recruit participants


Vodus Panel (17m Malaysians)

Online Quantitative Survey


Participants choose preferred product variant

Mail samples to participants


Sample of 100
Variant A participants

Sample of 100
Variant B participants

Home use test


Complete online survey after testing

Helping you grow your business with Vodus Product Innovation Research

Vodus can help you develop your product by getting your product tested by your target consumers from our Vodus Media Network that has a combined sampling reach of 17 million Malaysians.

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