We are a market research company that uses cutting-edge One-Question Media Tracking Online Survey method (OMTOS) to develop effective marketing and branding strategy for businesses.

OMTOS enables us to survey 17 million Malaysian consumers of all demographic groups across popular online publisher platforms to generate market and consumer insights that accurately reflects the Malaysian population.


The 2016 US Election and Brexit Referendum polling failures are a wake-up call that the traditional market survey methods are no longer effective in the 21st century. In the age of the Internet where attention span of people is getting shorter and few are willing to answer even a 10-question survey, we need a more effective method to reach out to consumes in order to obtain credible market insights.

The urgent need for reliable, accurate, fast and affordable market insights has led us to revolutionize the way market surveys are conducted to solve this fundamental problem. Vodus was established to address this underlying need.


We are passionate about providing market and consumer insights that are Reliable, Actionable, Fast and Affordable.


We strive to provide market insights with unprecedented accuracy to ensure that businesses can rely on our insights to make important decisions.

Reliable market insights can only be generated from data extracted from unbiased samples that accurately represent the population. To ensure that a sample is representative of the population, the sample needs to be extracted from a panel with a large sampling frame and a high degree of random sampling.


We strive to ensure that our market insights are actionable and customized according to your needs to add value to your business.

With our team of market researchers with over 20 years of market research experience, we can understand the needs of your business and help you design a research campaign that can maximize your growth potential.


We strive to ensure that customized markets insights are delivered quickly according to the client’s needs.

As markets are evolving faster than ever before, it is crucial to obtain fast insights to ensure that actions are taken quickly to adapt to the changing markets. With our revolutionary OMTOS methodology, we can deliver customized market insights in as fast as a few hours.


We strive to ensure that market insights affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We understand the importance of making insights-driven rather than instinct-driven business decisions. With our revolutionary OMTOS methodology, we can deliver customized market insights cost efficiently and make market insights affordable for all.



Dr. Kelvin Goh
PhD in Physics


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