Measuring your marketing ROI

Helping marketers conduct campaign post-mortem by measuring the reach and impact of their marketing campaign.

What is Marketing Impact Survey?

Marketers often spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns to gain public awareness and improve brand image.

Not much can be ascertained from the campaign apart from the sales figures. However, sales figures can only give a simplistic one-dimensional picture. There are still many questions left unanswered…

How many people have my marketing campaign reached?
Did it reach to the right consumers?
How has it impacted my brand’s image?
How memorable is my ad?

A brand lift survey can answer these questions by surveying your consumers.

Insights from the brand lift survey can help you measure the impact of your marketing campaign. If your sales figure didn’t turn out as well as you hoped, you can find out where it went wrong and know how you can improve it for your next campaign.

Insights gained from Marketing Impact Survey


Audience Reached

Measure the number of consumers reached by your ad and the profiles of those reached.


Ad Effectiveness

Find out if audience got your key message from the ad and if the ad is credible, enjoyable or likeable.


Brand lift impact

Measure the impact of your marketing campaign on your brand health by comparing the brand image scores and the purchase intention between reached and not-reached consumers.


Future campaign improvements

Determine areas of the campaign that needs to be improved.

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