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Identify what drives consumers to buy your brand and your competitor’s brands. Track you brand health to see what consumers think of your brand.

What is Brand Health Tracker?

Branding is important in creating a memorable impression on consumers, expectation of your product and distinguishing yourself from your competitors..

Having a strong brand drives sustained market share, organic growth and repeated purchase.

But are consumers aware of my brand?
Do they prefer my brand over my competitors?
What do they think of my brand?
Do they love my brand enough to pay a premium for my products?

A brand health tracker can answer these questions by surveying your consumers over a period.

Insights from brand health tracker can help businesses strengthen their brand by measuring their brand performance and identifying their strengths and weaknesses relative to their competitors.

Insights gained from Brand Health Tracker


Consumer Purchase Journey

Measure and compare the scores for the 4 key steps of consumer purchase journey for your brand and your competitor’s brands.

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Brand Equity

Measure the level of premium that consumers are willing to pay for your products to maximize your profit margin.


Brand Perception and Image

Find out what consumers think of your brand and how it compares with your competitor’s brand.


Most Important Brand Attributes

Determine the brand image attributes that consumers for each brand care most about. These are the key attributes that brands should focus on to strengthen and grow their brand.

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Vodus can help you survey your target consumers from our Vodus Media Network that has a combined sampling reach of 17 million Malaysians.

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